PUBG Update #30 - Now Live!

Update #30 is now available on live servers.

Now on live servers, Update #30 is dropping a lot of new content and updates onto the Battlegrounds. From a new weapon to an ambitiously amphibious way to traverse the map, this update most certainly has something explosive enough to blow everyone’s minds. 

To get a visual rundown of everything important coming in the patch, check out our patch report here:
Be sure to watch out for the new .45 calibre Deagle when you come upon it, as the high damage cannon handgun can crack a level 3 helmet in two headshots. That is, if you’re able to control the recoil enough to land your shots. We’re also dropping a new, heavily armored assault vehicle in the BRDM-2 to win chicken dinners on land and sea. But what about the air? The new ledge grab feature will help you there, as you can now jump, climb and vertically navigate the Battlegrounds in ways you couldn’t before. 

Communications between squad mates just got way easier with the introduction of Radio Messages, short burst on-screen text that allows players to call out items and audibles throughout the match. You can learn more about Radio Messages, our latest weapon and vehicle, bug fixes and much more in the complete patch notes here.[]

Our next Survivor Pass is right around the corner, but until it kicks off, be sure to earn BP through the Survival Rewards System to get cool loot. So drop in, loot yourself a Deagle and blast your way to a chicken dinner.