A new fresh unique spin on viewing your squads screen in pseudo real time that wont break the rules.

Supports Any Game

Our client will upload screenshots for any game you're playing. Just point the tool at the appropriate screenshot directory, jump into a squad and off you go.

Pseudo Real Time

Uploads occur whenever you take a new screenshot, and are automatically sent to all your squad mates.

Doesn't Break The Rules

We dont touch your game files, we dont hack your memory we just share the screenshots you take with the rest of your squad. Simple!

"Behind The Tree"
"Which Tree???"

Is this a phrase you're sick of hearing? This was one of the primary reasons why we created this tool. Even the best party leaders can be faced with a big challenge when trying to coordinate in a wooded area or location that has very similar features.

Having a screenshot of what they're looking at is invaluable.

  • Sniper in the distance?
  • Loot crate location?
  • Doorway to watch?
  • Rally Point?

Improve your communication effectiveness and boss the battlefield!!

Fullscreen View of any Squad Mate

Fullscreen view of any squad mate

If you want Squadview to focus on one player you can pin that player and have all their updates displayed in a fullscreen window, the view updates as and when a new screenshot is shared. The customisable grid lets you pinpoint exactly where to look.

Players, on the hill in the corner of C2