Dominate At Apex Legends, Win A College Scholarship

Apex Legends is doing very well for itself as the newest contender in the battle royale space, and now you can parlay those battlefield skills into a college education. Becker College has announced a scholarship program tied to an upcoming esports event, which will allow top-performing players to receive $5,000 for schooling.

Becker has partnered with Team Genji and Helix Esports for the program. Helix is hosting an Apex Legends amateur tournament in New Jersey in early April, and Team Genji will be on-site to perform analytics. Those who score among the top players at the tournament can claim the one-time scholarship at Becker, if they apply and are admitted to the college. Eligible finalists will be invited to apply, so there will be no ambiguity whether or not you made the cut.

Scholarship recipients will also be given a try-out for Becker's own Apex Legends team, which will begin competing in Fall 2019. You can read more details and sign up through the official site.

Respawn is planning to launch the first Apex Legends battle pass in March, though it hasn't given a release date yet. We did get an apparent sneak peek at what it will consist of, though, given an accidental update to the Origin site. That showed a new hero named Octane, and suggested the battle pass will be priced at 950 Apex Coins (roughly $10). Respawn acknowledged that the leak was legitimate, but warned against putting too much stock in information gleaned from data mining.

Meanwhile, the studio banned hundreds of thousands of cheaters, and said it has no plans for a reconnect feature--in part because of its potential for abuse by cheaters.