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EasyC - - - - -   Brett ALL - NO YES View
lmao eddys   TTV_Eddy ALL - YES NO View
staRS Giant Noobs   staRS*GraveDiggerSWE Swedish - YES YES View
GUNS! Ì¿ Ì¿Ì¿'Ì¿Ì¿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/'Ì¿Ì¿ Ì¿ Ì¿   🅷 🇦🇾🇩🇮🇺🇸 ALL - NO YES View
TAF69 [TAF Team Mission]   Newwy ALL - NO YES View
TDT "The Dream Team"   Ultimateâ„¢ ALL - YES YES View
GIED #FSquad   BlkAngL ALL - NO NO View
LUV69 #SquadGoals   inanepenguin ALL - NO YES View
#SWAG #SWAG   ☣ dude. ALL - NO YES View
5For5 $5 is $5   Spaghetti ALL - NO NO View
78TH &8TH practice and training   Juast_A_Dude ALL - NO NO View
-THC- --THC--   Vizz ALL - NO YES View
PH -PanhandlerS-   _Dartanion_ Australian - YES YES View
. .   jirka626 ALL - NO YES View
Pwnd / Pwnd / eSports   ۞¤۞۞LÛžyÛžnÛžcÛžhÛžPÛžiÛžnÛž American - NO YES View
0815 0815boys   w1ckk ALL - NO YES View
0815g 0815girls   w1ckk ALL - NO YES View
0Aim 0Aim   ValaV ALL - NO YES View
1SK 1 SHOT KILL   yaezpk Australian - NO YES View
EGCV 1. EGCV   MitoG ALL - NO YES View
INCH 10 Inch Flacid   Pluck ALL - NO YES View
100TH 100TH   Tripisyat ALL - NO YES View
7 101e Squad "Pionners"   Le Cadet ALL - NO NO View
111th 111th Special Operations Division   ItsAvyy American - NO YES View
118 118118   wujtehacjusz ALL - NO YES View
1234 1234 squad   Tony Stronk ALL - NO YES View
12366 12345   ✪RobBobTheCornCob ALL - NO NO View
1337 1337   n3o American - NO YES View
170 170th Clan   Sven2157 ALL - NO YES View
19181 19181   delpi ALL - NO YES View
1F2F3 1F2F3   Sir Bearington ALL - NO YES View
1st 1st infantry   ENDEXj0 ALL - NO NO View
META1 1st META   WhoIsSkard ALL - YES NO View
221 221 nigga   W..Weissi-chan.. baka! *cries* American - NO YES View
24WSS 24th Waffen SS Mountain Division Kartsjager   Medicinnameonly ALL - NO YES View
26. A 26. Air Defence   Viira ALL - NO YES View
2PARA 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment   Spink British - NO YES View
2IDA3 2nd ID Planning and OPORD Divison   houston7831 American VISIT YES YES View
SPOOP 2SPOOP2LIVE - GR8 B8 M8 8/8   Kevbot 9000 Canadian VISIT YES YES View
BRIXU 2SPOOPY   Kevbot 9000 Canadian - YES YES View
2WET 2WET4U   Young Beefalo American - YES YES View
3B1D 3 Buggies and a Dacia   Broflex ALL - NO YES View
3gD` 3.Gaming Division   wYDi ALL VISIT NO YES View
338th 338th Medical   Flyingpieapple ALL - YES NO View
360NH 360 No Hope   mongbatstar ALL - NO YES View
3DBUS 3DBUS   [3DBUS] Hououin ALL - NO NO View
3RDB 3rd Battallion   KJones ALL - NO YES View
400IQ 400IQ   Braexco ALL - NO YES View
l8r 420   billnye ALL - NO YES View
WEEED 420SquadronOfGangsters   Cobalt ALL - NO YES View
424F 424Friends   jakey1995abc ALL VISIT NO NO View
432 432   mageBane ALL - NO NO View
44thR 44th Royal Battalion   TheHuss123 ALL - NO YES View
452 452 SQN   Regicide79 ALL - YES YES View
45th 45th Battalion   Aimshock ALL - NO YES View
NGWN 4G1UAZ   Huxt American - NO YES View
50SOM 50 Shades of Surefire   Oblivious ALL - NO YES View
505 505   The Mechanic ALL - NO YES View
519 519   desync0 Canadian - NO YES View
532 532   Prizrak ALL - NO YES View
90 6969   ferebee2608 ALL - NO YES View
C/2/B 7 Cav C/2/B/1-7   Batmace ALL VISIT NO YES View
7&7 7&7   7Dark7 ALL - NO YES View
75th 75th Rangers   coachwil ALL - YES YES View
7Cav 7Cav   CPL.Ari.M ALL - NO YES View
81st 81st Attack Squad   sheeter German - YES YES View
9Seas 9 Seasons Morty   CrackerSushi American - YES YES View
91239 91239139123   Sku ALL - NO YES View
96PR 96th Phoenix Rangers   Nightwolf ALL - NO YES View
9RI 9° Reggimento Incursori   Markus Staiger Italian - NO YES View
9K_ 9K Gaming   Xaero Belgian VISIT YES NO View
Joooo :)   zargon ALL - NO YES View
:O :O   Mr_Jinsue ALL - NO YES View
> 25 > 25 gamers, born in 90s or earlier   wallbang ALL - YES NO View
Amumu A masterful unique masturbating undergrad   [PunLife] Zimbabwean - NO YES View
aa232 aa23323   bmx6144 ALL - NO NO View
lift aaaa   Fuhrax ALL - NO NO View
aaeri aaeril   Periphery ALL - NO YES View
Aaron Aarondrew   JimBarbs ALL - NO YES View
sdsds aast32t   Run the NINE ALL - NO NO View
Abt Abattoir   sourbrick ALL - NO YES View
30003 abc123   Wadjet ALL - NO YES View
ABCY ABCYY   Thavralex ALL - NO YES View
ADumb AbitDumber   Aale'N Norwegian - YES YES View
21P About 21 Penguins   Grim Shogun ALL - NO YES View
ABPK AbusementPark   Link64 British - NO YES View
ABV Accuracy By Volume   Gamill ALL - NO NO View
ACE Ace Chaos   Wicius ALL VISIT YES NO View
ADATO ADATO Squad   Pvtjaceâ„¢ Australian - NO YES View
ADP ADP Team   AlessioDP ALL - NO YES View
dsads adsadsa   mageBane ALL - NO NO View
AEM AEM Gaming   [AEM] capeman121 ALL - NO YES View
Ærti Aertis   Maburaho ALL VISIT NO YES View
2Vall against the world   Kanrrra ALL - NO YES View
AoSE Age of Space Engineers   Komrade_k4t Hungarian - NO YES View
WHYIT AgoraPolis   Damian ALL VISIT YES YES View
AGR AGRESSIV   reptil9 ALL - NO YES View
aha aha   Nomad Polish - NO YES View

2461 squads found.