Fortnite's Newest Vehicle, The Baller, Disabled Temporarily [Update: It's Back]

Update: Epic has reinstated its Baller vehicle into Fortnite. "We've collected the data we were looking for and have re-enabled The Baller," the developer stated on Twitter. Original story follows.

Citing an unexpected technical issue, Epic Games has disabled Fortnite's latest vehicle, the Baller. The hamster ball-like vehicle went live recently with the 8.10 update, and sported a Boost and Grappler to let you swing around trees or climb cliffs.

In a tweet, Epic Games said it is investigating a stability issue surrounding the Baller and will issue a status update once it knows more. This could be related to an apparent exploit that allowed players to launch themselves high into the air. Until the issue is fixed, you'll just have to look elsewhere for your deadly hamster ball fix.

The Baller protected players from damage while inside the enclosure, but enemy fire could destroy the vehicle itself with its 300 health. It's fairly common for Fortnite updates to hit an unexpected issue and be temporarily disabled, as in the case of dynamite and guided missiles, among others.

The 8.10 update introduced a few other changes besides. Those included a change to the Vending Machines, which became free to activate, but self-destruct after a single use. Another significant change was to cross-play cross-play matchmaking. Nintendo Switch players were changed to the pool with mobile players, while Xbox One and PS4 players remained together in their pool. Players can still opt-in across platforms to play with their friends.

This is part of Fortnite's recently launched Season 8, which offers new battle pass cosmetics for completing challenges. Check out our challenge guide if you need a hand, or read up on how to take part in the High Stakes Challenge for additional rewards.