Z1BR Client Hotfix March 7th, 2019

We have just pushed a hotfix with the following list of changes:
  • UI: The in game HUD should now match the HUD from Solos in Duos and Fives.
  • UI: The Killfeed will no longer start rotating the feed into itself as it gets longer.
  • UI: The Arcade Challenge is no longer available. This should not have been showing up since there is no active Arcade Mode running at this time.
  • UI: The Hotshot Crate confirmation will no longer refer to it as “Premium3 crate”.
  • Weapons: Fixed mismatched M9 refire timing. PS3 timings on the M9 had the ADS fire rate set to a faster refire than hipfire. These timings now match up to PS3 values.
  • Animation: There was an issue occurring with the shoulder animation when firing the AR-15 in ADS. It was skipping the animation on many shots. This issue has been lessened and we will continue to tweak this if the issue continues.
  • UI: When exiting a match in 5s, the camera on the front end menu was focusing on the user’s position rather than the group as a whole.
  • UI: If a player accepts a group invite on the press any key screen, they will no longer receive an erroneous ping lock message
  • UI: Fixed an issue when a player accepts a group invite on the character select screen they will be seen standing in place by other group members.
  • Animation: Ensure empty hand sprint animations are properly playing.
  • UI: The recycle shoes and boots match challenge description was inaccurate.
  • UI: Fixed 3 white backgrounds that were showing up in the front end menu.